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Team Players with Players & Parents Committed to Excellence

• National & Local Tournaments

• Outdoor & Indoor Training Facilities

• Our own private indoor year-round facility that is not shared with any other organization

• Develop integrity, sportsmanship, leadership, citizenship and teamwork in all our players


WHAT ARE WE ALL ABOUT – The Outlaws and Bandits were created to give local players ages 8 through 18 the opportunity to become the best individuals as well as baseball players. They play in highly competitive leagues against the highest level of competition. Outlaws and Bandits teams have participated in tournaments and Showcase events all over the Midwest.

WHAT ARE OUR GOALS – Our goal is developing player’s skills to the highest levels. In addition, we expose the players to local and national tournaments with the intent to hopefully expose them to college and professional coaches and scouts.

Outlaws Baseball & Bandits Softball

Finally, and most importantly, the Outlaws sand Bandits look to develop integrity, sportsmanship, leadership, citizenship and teamwork in all our players.


Winning comes in bits and pieces but never at the expense of our integrity of the program and the people involved with the team. Each Outlaws and Bandits team is required to perform community service activities in ex-change for their generous support.


The bottom line is that the Outlaws and Bandits are about more than just baseball and softball. We are trying to develop young men and women to be outstanding adults through the vehicle of the great game of baseball/softball.

Website: Joe Hummrich


President: Mike Rubino

Vice President of Baseball: Shannon Redman

Vice President of Softball: Kris Van Horn

Director of Baseball: Dan Niemeyer

Director of Development & Events:  Cam Nyquist

Secretary/Treasurer: Karina Rubino

Director of Communications: Brooke Redman

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